Swayer’s Working Model

We create a blueprint to tap into each marketing aspect with the utmost precision. The end goal is to deliver value and content that thrives.


Our primary emphasis is on understanding the needs of the brand we join hands with. Clarity in terms of the precise requirements helps us to curate a tailor-made plan to reach the end goal with utmost efficiency.

Influencer Analysis

The second step is to analyse the right influencers based on the precise need of the brand. The aim is to reach out to specific categories (eg: Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty etc) and get into the right space to find the best ones.


The next step is about shortlisting the right micro-influencers from the list that we create. This decision is taken with the utmost earnestness to ensure that the task is assigned to the right hands.


The micro-influencer is then taken onboard as a core team player in this quest of creating amazing content. The idea is to combine the best skills & interests of everyone onboard.


Next is one of the most crucial steps i.e Creation of the Campaign. What sets Swayer’s apart is its holistic approach whilst campaign creation. The idea is to exchange ideas and provide guidance to the influencers; instead of keeping the flow one-way.


The last step is meeting the end goal – Effective Marketing. Instead of letting the reach entirely stay in the hands of the micro-influencers, we play the part to invest multiple resources to maximise reach from our end, too!

Micro Influencers know their audience.

Micro-influencers are the apt people when it comes to awareness about their audience. They have a clear idea in terms of knowing who belongs in their audience and what they expect. The right understanding of defined audiences does more than half the job for the brand to reach the right potential customers.

Masterfully Handcrafted for Awesomeness



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